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February 05 2014

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Commercial Roofing: Different Roofing Materials

According to research studies by Freedonia Group, the demand for roofing in the US has been rising by 3.3% every year, reaching approximately $11 billion in 2007. For people who are considering the construction of an office or some other industrial developing, one of the leading issues will be the roof structure. A severe decision right behind the building of any roof structure will be the substance being used. It's advised to check what materials are preferred for use in commercial buildings if you live in Austin and are looking for an Austin commercial roofing company. - roof repair Austin

Austin Industrial Roof: Favored Roof Material

Depending on the investigation carried out by Freedonia Group of people, asphalt shingles have already been the dominating roof covering material in the United States for years, accounting for more than 60Percent in the total put in roofing. The normal life span of these shingles is 20 years, although copper sheathing can extend their life up to 40 years. Colors and textures may also be included in asphalt shingles. The uncooked structure and simple tones of the roofs impart a classier and a lot more stylish look to your building.

Austin Commercial Roofing: Other Roof covering Components

Apart from asphalt shingles, there are numerous other popular materials for Austin business roofing. Allow us to have a look at some of them:

1. Metal: Steel is easily the most tough material for creating rooftops having a life span of 40-50 years. It is able to stand up to even toughest climatic conditions, like hurricane, hurricane, weighty rain and hail. The most typical metals used for roofs are copper, steel and aluminum.

2. Ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles are a popular roof covering materials in Austin, texas by virtue of their temperature reducing home. By maintaining a gap between roof base and flooring, tiles allow circulation of air. Even though tiles are more expensive than asphalt wood and shingles, they are also stronger. They are available in plenty of designs and colors, and can give an elegant exterior to your office,. That is another advantage of tiles.

3. Slate shingles: Here is the heaviest roof substance along with the priciest. They require special expertise in installation and therefore, the cost tends to be fairly high,. That's the reason for their lower popularity. However, they are also the most durable material and can last up to 100 years, if installed by an expert. - roof repair Austin

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